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Electric Foot File Rechargeable Waterproof Pedicure Pro Callus Remover

$10.00 $5.00

Product Description
Steps For Usage:
1. Immerse your feet in warm water for 2~3 minutes and then wipe with a cloth.
2. Start the electric pedal remover, evenly slide over the part to be removed, circle for 2~3 seconds in the rough part, repeat the cycle.
3. Careful not to stay in the same part for a long time, clean the feet with water or cloth. Skin, then dry.
4. Replace with a buffing head and slide it evenly over the area just used.
5. Finally, don’t forget to bring some cream to moisten your feet.

1. Please use after ensuring full charge, to avoid the lack of power in the process of your use.
2. Make sure your dead skin is soaked before use, so as to better help you repair your feet.
3. When in use, gently touch the skin with the foot grinder and slide it at a constant speed. Do not apply force to the skin. Otherwise, it will not achieve results.
4. Although the electric pedal remover supports flushing with water, it is recommended not to soak for a long time, otherwise it will also cause problems.
5. To prevent the growth of bacteria, it is recommended that you wash it with water after use.

Product Include:
1*Rechargeable Foot File
1*Grinding head
1*Polishing head
1*Pedicure double-sided foot rasp
1*USB charging cable
1*Cleaning brush
1*User manual

Product Detail:
Color: Green
Net weight: 0.6lb/9.6oz
Gross weight: 0.87lb/14oz
Packing size: 8.6*6.5*2.7inch
Voltage: 5V DC 1000mA
Frequency/Current: 3W
Charging time: 2 hours
Working time: 90 minutes

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